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Fabrication Info and Tech Tips


Fabrication Instructions for StepLock and Interlock Knee Joints

Two locking joints should always be provided at the knee on any weight bearing orthosis. The patient should be advised to always activate both locks for safety.

StepLock and Interlock are available in numerous joint and bar sizes to allow for differences in patient sizes and activity. Because the orthotist is a licensed professional and is the person most familiar with the case, he or she must decide which size is applicable in each situation.

The set screw at the top of the StepLock joint controls the tension on the cam, and should not be loosened. It may be tightened to eliminate the locking release function, for example, when using the Lever Release Kit. Be sure attachment straps on the orthosis do not interfere with the function of the joints.

Joint screws, cam screws, and bar screws, and spring tension screws are not thread locked at the factory, for ease of fabrication. Apply a liquid thread locking material such as LoctiteTM or VibratiteTM to keep the screws secure before delivering the orthosis to the patient.

Be sure to lubricate the joints with Brace EaseTM or substitute before final fitting of the orthosis, and to educate the patient on the necessity of keeping the joints free of dirt and lubricated as the orthosis is worn. A six month checkup should be scheduled.

The Lever Release Kit may be used on both StepLock and InterLock. There are separate bail kits for StepLock and InterLock.  Use of a bail kit with StepLock requires the special OTS kit; use of a standard bail will void the StepLock warranty. 

Warning:  Joints must be square and in alignment to prevent excessive wear and possible failure, which could result in injury or death.

Bail Kit Part Numbers:
StepLock:   SBK
InterLock:  IBK

Lever Release Kit Part Numbers:
LRK512 sm fits SL/IL 512
LRK1619 lg fits all other sizes

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