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Fabrication Info and Tech Tips


Fabrication Instructions for the Integrated Ankle

Figure 1
Mark ankle on cast and drill a hole at center.
Figure 2
Insert steel rod and apply threaded coupling nuts flush with cast. Seal with plaster bandage.
Figure 3
Insert pipe and fill cast. Remove rod and strip negative wrap.
Figure 4
Insert long screw, tighten nut to desired clearance and apply dummy plate. Lock down with nut.

Figure 5
Fill behind dummy plate with plaster and flow to cast. Carve to desired shape.
Figure 6
Contour stirrup approx. 1/8" away from cast and fill space between stirrup and cast with plaster.
Figure 7
Assemble joint and stirrup with bushing screws. (Note the bushing going in backward). Heat joints with plastic.
Figure 8
Attach joint and stirrup assembly to mold (outside of stockings) and vacuum form as usual.

Figure 9
Grind plastic off screw caps and remove screws. Cut plastic with hot knife at stirrup and joint. Remove joints and sand plastic smooth.
Figure 10
Drill one hole in top of plastic and three holes in side. Attach joint with oval head, counter sunk screws. Repeat for other side.
Figure 11
Drill three holes in plastic footplate and attach stirrup with screws. Repeat for other side.
Figure 12
Final assembly with bushing and screw. Insert springs or pins and apply appropriate set screws.

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