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Learn more about the Rollabout Tray infared oven Models We engineered the PDQ Ovens to meet the requirements of a very demanding customer...US! We're in the O&P business too, and probably make many of the same products that you do.

A few years ago, when we needed a new oven, we couldn't find one that would do all the things we needed it to. So, we designed one the way we wanted it, and built it ourselves.

 PO-2 Infared Oven for Plastics The PO ovens were developed for the practice that does primarily bubble-forming. The new PO-2 now has a Rollabout Tray (designed as part of the door) to hold the frames, in addition to a  flat plastic tray. Banks of infrared emmitters on both the top and bottom of the oven provide optimum heating efficiency for bubble forming thicker plastics. In fact, the PO ovens will cook 5/8" polypro in less than 30 minutes! Digital controls, interior light, windows and removable legs are standard (bubble forming frames are available as options).

The new, smaller Benchtop ovens are intended as a budget alternative to our full-size models. While they are just as efficient, and contain many features of the others, their smaller size and low cost make the BT ovens ideal in many applications.

 BT-1 Infared Plastics Oven The BT-1 is the Benchtop for the facility that heats flat plastic only. Weighing only 150 pounds, the inside dimensions are a sizeable 30 x 38 inches, allowing the BT-1 to handle all but the largest jobs. As on all PDQ Ovens, the interior light, window, and digital controller are standard.

  BT-4 Infared Oven For PalsticsThe newest model in our line is the BT-4. Designed and sized to be the most versatile oven we make, it can handle almost any job you might have in your shop.


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All OTS PDQ ovens are CE and ETL certified
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