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PDQ Bubble Forming Frame:

The PDQ Bubble Forming Frame was designed by four prominent prosthetists and manufactured to work best in the PDQ Infrared Ovens.  The round hole was chosen to reduce plastic stretch an the corners and increase platen contact.  Four easy to use spring clips hold the plastic in place and will accommodate any thickness of plastic.  The bottom of the frame is made wider to facilitate handling and supports the frame inside PDQ Benchtop ovens.  Available in five sizes. (Order BFF 9,12,16,18 or 24 inch models.  BT-3 and BT-4ovens require special frames; please add BT-3 or BT-4 to the end of part number.  Bubble Forming Frame Configurations


PDQ Plastic Rack:

Do you have sheet plastic stacked in corners and against the wall?  Can't find the right color or size because all of your plastic is in piles?  Is it getting damaged in this environment?  The PDQ Plastic Rack stores all of your sheet plastic in an orderly manner while protecting it from harm.  Available in two sizes 30"h x 52"w x 32" d or 44"d. Small for 24" sheets. Large for 36" sheets.



PDQ Mold Library:


Get your casts up off the floor and into the PDQ Mold Library!  Whether it's a child's AFO cast or a behemoth body jacket, our specially made rack will protect it from the harm that can come from it sitting on the floor.  Keep your molds neat and orderly.  Store them in a PDQ Mold Library.  84"h x 36"w x 16"d









PDQ Oven Gloves:  




These terry cloth gloves are the ultimate thermoforming gloves!  They're thick enough to protect your hands from the heat of the plastic and long enough to protect your forearms too.  Don't burn your hands and arms!  Use our gloves and beat the heat!

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