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Thermoformable Minimize

  • Child, Youth, Adult
  • Dorsi Assist, Double Action, Adjustable Limited Motion
  • Thermoformable or attached to Uprights (Traditional Style)
  • Attach to shoe or NYUCB insert
  • Steel or Alloy


Integrated Ankle





Adjustable Range of Motion:

Why use a limited motion ankle joint when you can have unlimited adjust-ability?  The Integrated Ankle ARM has two adjustment screws. one to limit plantar-flexion and another to limit dorsi-flexion. Because it uses a double action stirrup you don't need to keep a third type of stirrup in inventory.  It's like a double action without the springs.  Set it to range of motion, lock it up in position or change between the two.  Don't settle for limited motion when you can have unlimited motion!

Dorsi-Flexion Assit:

Does your patient need a spring-loaded dorsi-flexion assist?  The Integrated Ankle DFA may be the right choice.  It's a low profile, lightweight alternative to a modular system but retains all the power of a true spring-loaded ankle.  Because it's thermoformable, all the extra bulk and weight of traditional uprights are eliminated. Leaving just the part you need.  The ankle joint!  Install the Integrated Ankle DFA on you nest orthosis. 
You'll be glad you did.

Double Action:

A truly versatile ankle joint, the Double Action Integrated Ankle is our most popular model.  It has the ability to spring load the posterior channel providing dynamic assist for dorsi-flexion, just like the DFA, but it also has a stop built into the anterior allowing for a dorsi stop.  Have you ever needed to spring load for plantar assist?  Neither have we; that's why we eliminated the anterior channel and make our DA even lighter and lower in profile.  And like the other thermoformables it also features the same lightweight alloy construction and includes all mounting hardware, stirrups and alignment fixture.





(includes stirrups and mounting kit)
Double Action Adult IA - AD - DA
Youth IA - YTH - DA
Child IA - CH - DA
Dorsi-Flexion Assist Adult IA - AD - DF
Youth IA - YTH - DF
Child IA - CH - DF
Adjustable Range of Motion
Small IA SM - ARM
Large IA LG - ARM

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