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Unique Orthotic Componentry


StepLock knee brace StepLock
Introducing the new Pin Stop StepLock knee joint (patent pending), it might well be named the Soft Stop knee joint, for the easy, precise way it locks into extension. Instead of metal - metal contact, a miniature synthetic cushion in the distal eases the cam into the lock position without the"play" inherent in previous orthotic knee joints.
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InterLock InterLock
Introducing the new InterLock, a more cost effective solution than the drop lock. Increase your profitability while decreasing your inventory with the new InterLock. Learn more about the InterLock...

Integrated Ankle Brace

Integrated Ankle
It's the only orthotic ankle joint that successfully combines the benefits of both metal and plastic designs in one system and can be either vacuum formed, or fabricated with standard bars.
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Appalachian Ankle Brace
Appalachian Ankle

Excellent M-L stability. The Appalachian Ankle will not sublux under stress or disassemble from vibration.
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